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LOL! :)
Lord give me strength on this new journey we’re about to face… lol #pottytraining #toddleryears #iaintready
She takes people’s socks and puts them on. Just one sock. Never both. I have nooo idea why lol


"in the name of the Moon, this is a holdup, bitch!

completely and utterly inspired by this. I am so sorry.

I know, this is old! but since I saw this being reblogged a lot again, I thought I’d bring it back around since I still receive messages asking if this can be bought on a shirt or other merch. and the answer is: YES OF COURSE! lol.
this design can be bought either through my RedBubble (x) or Society6 (x).

hahahaha! LOVE IT!

thanks for joining me on Livestream, guys! :)
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There was an attempt!! Lol
Its not perfect but my hairs out my face, finally.
#protectivestyles #flattwists #shorthair #stilllearning
Tried something new today :) #curlyhair #naturalhairstyles #RelearningHowToDoMyHair lol

My silly girl and I.
amen to that!
hey ur pretty:)


Hella bored…. trying to regain my strength so we can go play… I’d rather be sleeping lol