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This little princess belongs to @bellexguerrier.. she had sickle cell anemia. Her mother is trying to raise awareness and get a petition signed to help her daughter, and other people suffering from this disease better treatment. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION AND SPREAD THE WORD. From one mother to another I pray for their families strength and hope she gets the help she needs. Go to her IG for the petition or go here:
My husband’s birthday is coming up…. or i might wait until he comes home. Idk. He’ll like it though. :) (from @slyfoxthreads )
















Man fuck billy…. Lol

Billy ain’t shit foreal

Billy’s family probably call you a nigger when your not looking.

Billy be misusing AAVE words in an effort to impress you.
Billy be fetishizing the shit out of you.

billy at the gym with his boys laughing at their jokes about how your pussy tastes like fried chicken

billy be having boring missionary sex 
billy will tell you you’re overreacting when some racist shit goes down

Billy will fuck you with socks on and come after 3 strokes.
Billy will cry when you give him food because it’s too spicy.
Billy will be the type to explain to you why his friends racist and misogynist jokes aren’t offensive and you’re just ‘being hypersensitive’

Billy will call any food you cook “flavor” as he has never has encountered seasoned food before.

Billy will be a little too excited when he has to stay at home alone with the dog
Billy will not defend you when his racist mama and daddy make inappropriate comments and will tell you “they’re from a different time”
Billy will let the N word slip while he’s fucking you and when you get upset tell you “no no hun, i said niggah…with an A, i heard you use it with your friends. so i can too”

Billy will claim Macklemore really deserved that Grammy
Billy mis quote MLK when you talk about the latest microaggression your co-worker just pulled. 
Billy will let his white friends put their hands in your daughters hair. 

billy cousin probably did a school shooting

They went in.

Well God Damn they went all the way in ! 

They went in ! I’m dying 😂😂😂😂

Michael B. Jordan and Wale last night.


Am I the only one who feels this way?


If you think black people can be racist against white people, unfollow me.

If you think black people talking out about white people is racism, unfollow me.

If you don’t believe that a white person can’t enable racism through their silence instead of calling people out, unfollow me.

Basically, if you’re a piece of shit, unfollow me.

Yep, nope thats it. I’m growing my hair back lol i was gonna cut it again but i think I’ll save it for the next kid lol (i want this shirt too btw ) via @missodessa (aka my girl crush lol)
"From everyone and everything." #repost
I’m not giving up
I tried until I can’t try no more smh… the last lil bit went in my coffee lol #nutellafiend #canthelpit #itslikecrack
Jellies!!! ^_^
Yoooo! I forgot how freakin good this tastes!!! Khalidah got me hooked! Trying to not eat her whole bag. Lol! Gonna have to get my own in a minute smh
So somehow sitting outside turned into “lets walk around the block in our pjs!” Smh… well atleast she still looked cute. Me on the other hand… lol #ratchet